Will actually be 31x31 studs.

What This App Does:

In short, qr2brick takes this:


And turns it into this:

QR Code Source Image

It also presents a nice large printable grid pattern that you can use to build a QR Code mosaic. Then at LEGO shows visitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR Code mosaic and visit the website.

[View a Demo]

Pointlessly Detailed Instructions

  1. Enter the URL of the website to make into a QR Code mosaic.
    • Your website/blog.
    • Brickshelf folder, MOCpages profile, Flickr album.
    • Your LEGO® CUUSOO Project page.
    • Note: Very long URLs may not fit in a 31x31 grid, in which case:
      • Try removing the "www." portion (check the url works without it first).
      • Or, use a URL shortening service such as Bitly, TinyURL or Google.
  2. Select whether to include a border (default) and fill a 32x32 stud baseplate.
    • Technically only 31x31 studs will be covered.
    • You could use a clever arrangement of plates instead of a baseplate, or…
    • … you could (Shock! Horror!) cut a baseplate!
    • You could even leave off the border and build your own snot arrangement.
    • Note: You do need a white border for QR Code readers to "see" the code.
  3. Press "submit".
  4. Some QR Code information will be generated, including:
    • An image of the QR Code (PNG format).
    • The dimensions of the mosaic.
    • The stud coverage by colour (could be interpreted as the number of 1x1 plates).
    • A PDF file download link (if you can't print immediately).
    • An LDraw DAT file download link (to use in CAD programs such as MLCad).
    • A large greyscale grid-pattern of the QR Code for easier building of the mosaic.
  5. Print the page/PDF file (it will fit on an A4 sheet).
  6. Build the mosaic.
  7. Er… that's it…
  8. Profit?