Turn QR Codes into LEGO® Mosaics

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What This App Does:

In short, QR-2-Brick takes this:


And turns it into this:

QR Code Source Image

It also presents a large grid pattern that you can download and print (PDF file) for building a QR Code mosaic that fits neatly on a 32×32 baseplate.

Then at LEGO shows visitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR Code mosaic and visit your website.


Due to the way data is encoded in QR Codes, the URL can not be longer than 32 characters in order to fit on a 32×32 baseplate.

Try the following to make the URL shorter:

  • Remove the "www." portion (check the URL works without it first).
  • Remove the trailing slash '/'.
  • Use a URL shortening service such as TinyURL or Bitly.

After submitting the URL, you will get:

  • A grid pattern of the QR Code mosaic, where each square is a single black or white 1×1 brick/plate.
  • A downloadable PDF (*.pdf) file for printing (will fit on A4 or US letter paper)
  • A downloadable LDraw (*.ldr) file for loading into a CAD app (such as MLCad).

The QR Code will fit onto a standard 32×32 baseplate — technically it only covers 31×31 studs, one row and column is left uncovered (just add another 63 studs' worth of white plates).